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Making Your Food Twice as Nice: Try Some spice!

Article By Simon Johnson Kohler

Tribune Staff Writer

     Have you ever wondered what the best spice to put on your savory stew or bird is? Your hot chocolate or warm apple cider? Well, according to the responses from ESM 6th graders in November 2021, some of the best seasonings are: 

     From Puerto Rico, there is a little something called Adobo. Having many ingredients, it may daunt you, but according to, the ingredients are simple. They are: 

2 tablespoons of salt 

1 tablespoon of paprika 

2 teaspoons of ground black pepper 

1 ½ teaspoons of onion powder 

1 ½ teaspoons … Read the rest “Making Your Food Twice as Nice: Try Some spice!”

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Unconventional Thanksgiving Foods

Photos and Story by: May McElwaine

Tribune Staff Writer

     Some conventional some unconventional, in this article we will be talking about unconventional foods that your classmates eat for thanksgiving every year. Here are some nibbles of unconventional foods that these kids have for thanksgiving. First up we have Bianca Perugini who’s food  changes every year, last year she had fluffy bread, turkey, gravy, and potatoes. Next up is Elida DeGovia who uses this recipe to make her rainbow mashed potatoes “Make regular mashed potatoes, separate them into 6 different bowls and color each mashed potato mixture with a food dye … Read the rest “Unconventional Thanksgiving Foods”

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How Many People Like turkey?

By: Jesus Martinez, 

Tribune Staff Writer

Do you eat Thanksgiving turkey turkey, or do you just go straight to the mashed potatoes? Well, this shows that neither of you are alone! According to People.Com, “65% percent of Americans prefer alternative turkey.” I  polled 14  students at King M.S.  and discovered that  41.7% don’t like to eat turkey, and 58.3% like to eat turkey.

     Because of COVID-19, most likely, 3 might decrease rapidly. And the people who do like turkey might miss out and the people who don’t like turkey, will just rapidly shop for mashed potatoes. Or for some, cranberries. … Read the rest “How Many People Like turkey?”

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Pigeons, on The Table

By: Harper Waggoner,

Tribune staff writer

This year, instead of turkey, we got you… Exotic pigeons!?

Photo taken by Harper Waggoner

It’s that time of the year to be grateful and celebrate the meal on the table! But it’s also time to celebrate… Turkeys! The bird featured at the typical Thanksgiving meals having gobbled its way into many’s hearts. You know what is also a bird?  Pigeons!

Most people think of pigeons as grey birds that lurk on the city streets, but they also come in many shapes and sizes! For example: did you know that a dodo is a … Read the rest “Pigeons, on The Table”

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Why Do Leaves Change Colors and then Fall?

Photo and Story by Oliver Toth, 

Tribune Staff writer 

     Can you name all the different colors of leaves? If you said green, red, orange, yellow, and purple then congratulations, you named all of them. The leaves change color because the temperature drops, and the trees stop making food. The chlorophyll (which is the stuff that makes the leaves green) inside the leaves breaks down and the green vanishes and turns into the purple, yellow and all the colors in between.

      Now it is time for the leaves to come off the trees. If the tree can not get enough water … Read the rest “Why Do Leaves Change Colors and then Fall?”

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Story and Photo By: Rachel Ann Tabayoyong 

Tribune Staff Writer 

     Have you ever been grateful for a website?  I looked into what sixth graders are grateful for.  Anonymous from Ms. Jones’ said ¨I am grateful for my mom, dad, and my brother. They said they are grateful for that because my parents gave birth to me¨. Alex Ryu from Ms.Jones’ said that ¨I am pleased with food, water, and computers. ¨I am grateful for that because if I didn’t have food I would starve. If I didn’t have water I would ] be thirsty]. ¨ If I didn’t have a … Read the rest “Gratefulness”

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How did Thanksgiving Become a National Holiday?

Story and Photo by Elida Shaffer DeGovia 

Tribune Staff Writer 

Turkey day! What do you do on Thanksgiving? Eat? Say what you’re grateful for? Watch the parade? Well I know what you probably don’t do: you probably don’t thank Sara Josepha Hale, who back in the 1840-60’s wrote over seventeen letters to five different U.S presidents to make Thanksgiving a national holiday in the U.S.A. So I asked King students if they knew the real history of Thanksgiving, and all of them said, “no!” Nine of them were surprised by this unknown fact but believed that Sara wrote the letters … Read the rest “How did Thanksgiving Become a National Holiday?”

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Save Water?!

Photo and Story by Alexander Ryu 

Tribune Staff Writer

Did you know that one of the most important issues is the water situation in California?  Did you know that 2021 is the second driest year in California since 1924 according to ABC news? This is happening because of a lack of rainfall and rising temperatures from climate change. California is getting 15% of the water in the Colorado river according to! You can’t really stop climate change but you can at least save water! Here are a few strategies to do so… Turning off the faucet when you brush … Read the rest “Save Water?!”

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Continental Cuisine

By: Felix Pritchard

Tribune Staff Writer

Across every continent there are local foods that are unique to the area. We will now show you a variety of foods from each continent.

North America

In North America there are a variety of regions each with their own spin on how we should feed ourselves. In Maine There is lovely Clam Chowder, as well as Lobster Rolls. In the south they have more kinds of wings than you can imagine, but after all of this, the crown goes to Mexico and their Tacos, Burritos, Quesadillas.

South America

South America has food that … Read the rest “Continental Cuisine”

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A Voice of The Quiet kids

Story and pictures by: Bianca Perugini

Tribune Staff Writer 

A chance for the voice of our fellow quiet kids. You might like or dislike being the quiet kid, or you might feel like you should be heard. Well, you’re in luck, because we have gathered 14 responses of tips, stories, and information, from our great king students on being introverts. Several of the students of King Middle School took a survey about being quiet kids. 

  Introverts are people who prefer or feel more comfortable focusing mostly on their inner thoughts and ideas, rather than letting their minds wander off … Read the rest “A Voice of The Quiet kids”