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More Sour than a Hazardous Candy

By: James Cline

Tribune Staff Writer

     More sour than Toxic Waste, more sour than Warheads. Trek carefully as this candy is coming in first place for the most sour. Now you may be thinking “What could be more sour than Toxic Waste or Warheads?” and to that, I answer Barnett’s Mega Sours. Toxic waste can’t hold a candle to Barnetts. Barnett’s Mega Sours contain: sugar, glucose, citric acid, malic acid, and the bicarbonate of soda. Also known as a salt containing the anion HCO3. 

      Now, you may be wondering: “What makes something taste sour?” Well you may have seen this … Read the rest “More Sour than a Hazardous Candy”

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The Chimera, The Lion Goat Snake

By: Harper Waggoner, 

Tribune Staff Writer.

Tales of horrifying beasts are in season! For this halloween tale we’ll travel back to the ancient world of greek mythology to see an amazing spectacle that would get people saying, “Run! Run! It’s the beast from 3000 BCE!” One of the most powerful and fearsome creatures from Greek mythology! The Chimera, a- wait, what? A Lion body with a fire breathing Goat head in the middle and a Snake for the tail? That’s quite odd, how could a creature like this be considered one of the most powerful mythical creatures?

The Chimera’s not … Read the rest “The Chimera, The Lion Goat Snake”

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Most Popular Chocolate

By: Oliver Toth, 

Tribune Staff Writer

     What is your favorite type of chocolate? Well, if you chose milk chocolate over dark or white chocolate then you are with the majority of students. 68.4% chose milk, 21.1% chose dark, and 10.5% chose white chocolate. On october 25, 2021 it was found that the majority of students like milk chocolate from a survey of two classes on the King middle school campus.

     What is the difference between them you might ask. Well, milk chocolate is the lightest brown of them all. The people that make chocolate add milk to milk chocolate, that … Read the rest “Most Popular Chocolate”

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Mortifying Moments

By: Rachel Ann Tabayoyong 

Tribune Staff Writer 

      Have you ever pooped your pants on halloween?  We dug in on what was the scariest moment of the sixth grade.   Emily Perez from Ms. Chen told us her scariest moment in  her life.  “I was once with my friend who’s a boy and we decided to ride down together on our hog .   “The hill was very steep and  my boy bff and I were at risk taking people back then.”   “Once  we got on the moped and started riding down but soon the speed came faster than a … Read the rest “Mortifying Moments”

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Pumpkin Patch Pals


By: Elida Shaffer DeGovia

Tribune Staff Writer and Photographer

      It might not seem like it but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes in a pumpkin patch. more people come to pumpkin patches than you’d think. Who knows….. maybe even a celebrity has seen the pumpkin you have on your doorstep  

I spoke with a Pumpkin Patch Employee Worker 1 about his experiences at this seasonal job. “How Long have you worked at this pumpkin patch?”

Me: When did you start working here?

Worker 1: “I actually just started here.”

Me: “Oh Wow! So Those polar bear pumpkins, … Read the rest “Pumpkin Patch Pals”

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Ghosts: Real or Fake?

By: Alexander Ryu

Tribune Staff Writer 

  Do you think ghosts are real? Whether you do or don’t, there is no scientific proof that ghosts exist. According to, ghost stories are told in movies, books, and by people as long as thousands of years ago. 

   If you want to hunt ghosts. Here’s a rundown on what you’ll need: Be a ghost hunter. Get night vision or thermal cameras that can “see” cold spots. Then use audio recording equipment because you can hear ghosts if there is a ghost talking. There are many ways you can sense ghosts. Ghosts … Read the rest “Ghosts: Real or Fake?”

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How to be a Candy Ninja

By: Felix Pritchard

Tribune Staff Writer

     How in the world do you get the most candy on halloween? This question has plagued kids since the beginning of time but no one seems to have come up with a consistent answer. With this in mind the Tribune polled kids of King Middle School for their expert  advice. 

Here are the top suggestions: 

Map out the people with the candy you like. 

Bianca P suggests going  around to neighborhood houses and¨Asking  people what they’re buying for their candy and then on Halloween go to their house and get it.” Mapping out … Read the rest “How to be a Candy Ninja”

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My Scary Zoom Call

By Bianca Perugini

Tribune Staff Writer

Have you ever had something very  scary or embarrassing happen while on a zoom call? I, Perugini Bianca, gathered some information from our fellow students. 

Kobe Lion, told us that “someone was unmuted while their dad was watching a horror movie.” Imagine how embarrassing that would be! Brandon Espinal stated, “One time in 5th grade we had a Halloween zoom and this kid had their parent dress up as a monster and it looked so real and the kid got “abdicated.” Meanwhile, Simon Jonshon Kholer said “my scariest moment on zoom is when a … Read the rest “My Scary Zoom Call”

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What Makes Monsters Scary?

By Jireh Pak, 

Tribune Staff Writer

What makes a monster scary? A monster is a fictional character that is usually the bad guy. These creatures are sometimes described as hideous, humongous, or unintelligent. A zombie is an example of a monster and zombies are scary because zombies eat living, human brains! Vampires are blood-curdling because vampires suck your blood. These creatures will suck your body dry! Werewolves are terrifying because these wolves are human but turn into monsters when a full moon forms.Ghosts are also spooky because they are invisible and they can move objects.

What Happens to a Werewolf in the Harvest Moon? | Open Graves, Open Minds
Evil Vampire Picture Stock Vector (Royalty Free) 1142253338
Zombi - Home | Facebook

     Those were the monsters that … Read the rest “What Makes Monsters Scary?”

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Bones and Old Gravestones

By: Delilah Membreno

Tribune Staff Writer

       When we think of a cemetery we think of dark, haunting, ghosts, and dead people, waiting to pop out of their graves. The Evergreen Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in all of LA. This cemetery was built on August 12, 1877, and yet this graveyard still buries people to this day. The Evergreen cemetery is also considered one of the biggest memorial parks in LA, being sixty-seven acres big. There have been about 300,000 people buried here, including people who died in World War ll. Also, they have a specific area for veterans, for … Read the rest “Bones and Old Gravestones”