Hedy Lamarr

On November 9, 1914, in Vienna, Austria-Hungary, Hedy Lamarr was born. Only daughter of Gertrud Kiesler and Emil Kiesler. After her role in the controversial movie, ‘Extase’ (1932), she ran away from her husband to Paris. Traveling through London, she found the Metro- Goldwyn-Mayer Studio in other words, MGM Studio. Louis B. Mayer offered her a movie contract in Hollywood. … Read the rest “Hedy Lamarr”

New Research Confirms Leonardo Da Vinci’s Rule of Trees

Leonardo da Vinci’s Notebooks, written between 1478 and 1518, give an inside into the mind of one of the greatest geniuses humankind has ever produced. Leonardo’s Notebooks is a collection of loose papers currently held by the British Library. 570 pages have been digitized and can be accessed online at the British Library’s website. The content of the Notebooks clearly … Read the rest “New Research Confirms Leonardo Da Vinci’s Rule of Trees”