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Thanksgiving Desserts to Try

Photo and Story by Jireh Pak

Tribune Staff Writer

There are many desserts on Thanksgiving but here are the few recommended ones by Mrs. Jones class. First, the store bought brownie mix. This is a simple but tasty treat to have. Second, is the apple crisps which is like apple pie but it has sliced apples with oats, butter, and brown sugar then the dessert is baked. This dessert is great because the apples have a tart and sour taste and the oats add a nice crunch. The third dessert is rice pudding. Rice pudding is sweet and it is … Read the rest “Thanksgiving Desserts to Try”

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Thankful for Sweets

                                  Dessert Recipes

Story And Photo By: Delilah Membreno,

Tribun Staff Writer

Are you looking for a new dessert recipe to enjoy with your family, friends or even yourself? If you are then you’re in the right place! Every once in a while you need a good dessert to enjoy with family, friends or by yourself. These recipes are shared by other King students, and are family recipes. This was shared by Rachel Ann Tabayoyong. This dessert is from the Philippines and is called “Halo-Halo” which means “Mix-Mix”. This dessert is very simple and doesn’t require anything but a cup and … Read the rest “Thankful for Sweets”

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The Gum Tree

Writing and photo by Juno Matsui

Tribune Staff Writer

Students walk to go get covid testing… and then, they walk past… THE GUM TREE! This tree is exactly what it sounds like, it is an old tree with gum stuck onto it, it can be found here, at this school… but what exactly is the meaning of this? Who knows, maybe it could rip its own roots out of the ground, learn to run around, and attack students! In this article, Thomas Star King students will give their opinions on it.

Interviewing the students

Bianca says “I think people started … Read the rest “The Gum Tree”

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The life of a Reindeer

By: Cassius Estevez,

Tribune staff writer

Most people know about the tale of Christmas including Santa’s Reindeer. Believe it or not they are a living mammal like us humans. Christmas is coming up and Reindeer like the cold. So if you live in a snowy state expect some reindeer in your backyard. In TV Christmas shows Reindeer are shown to be energetic and happy. But really in the real world they’re pretty lazy and like to sleep, and only get up to eat or get in a herd.

Reindeer Facts

Reindeer lifespans are semi-long,  and can live up to 15 … Read the rest “The life of a Reindeer”

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The Biggest Turkey Recorded in History

By Brandon Espinal

Tribune Staff Writer

What is the largest turkey in history? The largest turkey’s name is Tyson. He weighed 86 pounds although an average sized turkey weighs in at about 20 to 30 pounds now isn’t that crazy. Tyson lived in 1989 in Peterborough, United Kingdom. Tyson’s owner Philip Cook made Tyson that size and weight for the biggest turkey contest. Before Philip bought Tyson he belonged to a company in the UK called,”Leacroft Turkeys.” Tyson must have eaten a ton of food to get that size. The contest also gave a prize of 4,400 dollars or in … Read the rest “The Biggest Turkey Recorded in History”

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Everything to be Great-Fall for This Season

Photo and story by Gili Arber

Tribune Staff Writer

     We can all admit that these past two years have been pretty crazy. COVID 19, global lockdown, and online school. Even though 2020-2021 had its ups and downs, those years taught us to be more grateful than ever. Today, take your time to think about everything that you’re grateful for. 

Firstly, we should all be grateful for trees. Without them, humans wouldn’t be alive! Their leaves and branches give off oxygen that allows us to breathe. Their thick trunks and branches supply animals with a perfect place to live, and create … Read the rest “Everything to be Great-Fall for This Season”

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The Story Of Hanukkah

Story and photo by: Kobe Lion

Tribune staff writer

Have you ever heard of the holiday called Hanukkah? Hanukkah, which means dedication in Hebrew it is a holiday of joy where we celebrate for eight days the legend of when the Jews in Israel rose up against they’re  Greek-Syrian oppressors in a revolt called the Maccabean revolt and the Hanukkah miracle of how the jews oil lasted eight days when there was only enough 

 Around 168 B.C the Syrian soldiers descended upon Jerusalem killing thousands of Jews, in an attempt to force the jews into believing in the Greek gods. … Read the rest “The Story Of Hanukkah”

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Story and photo By: Nathaniel Lara

Tribune Staff Writer 

It’s Thanksgiving, the day where we give thanks and gratitude. The day we eat foods like mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits, and pizza (if you like), but of course the classic turkey! Usually we buy our food and cook at home but I have to warn you to freeze. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING! The prices are going up rapidly. And there are lots of small companies that can give you the same quality turkey for a lower price. And this is why. 

According to NPR, because of these rising prices, a regular … Read the rest “BUY NOTHING!”

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Bathroom Words of Encouragement

Photo and Story By: Corinne Hursh

Tribune Staff Writer

            Toilets, soap… and post-it notes? Have you ever seen a postcard in the girl’s bathroom? Well, at Thomas Star King the girl’s bathroom on the hill has some great, albeit temporary, reading material. 

As most of the girls on campus know, there are many conversations and messages being conveyed  through post-it notes on the stall walls!  When I saw my first note, I was ecstatic, I love responding to people hoping that maybe I’ll get a reply. These small talks have been happening since the beginning of the year and have … Read the rest “Bathroom Words of Encouragement”

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Anything BUT Turkey, Please…

Story and Photo by Francine Go

Tribune staff writer

     When you think about Thanksgiving and things you’re grateful for, you must be thinking for Salad, Yams, and most of all, Turkey! Wel, let’s fly the idea of eating Turkey out the window! Students of Thomas Starr King Middle school have shared food that they’re grateful for, but there is one catch, no turkey!

     Anonymous replies, “I enjoy sushi. It tastes very good, for example the fishy taste makes a perfect counterpart to the soy sauce,” which many people seem to agree on. Brandon Espinal on the other hand favors the … Read the rest “Anything BUT Turkey, Please…”