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I will talk about why quarantine has been hard because I haven’t been able to go to the shops.It sucks for me because I love to shop, mostly at the market. When I first knew we were going to be in quarantine I thought it would be fun but, no. I am miserable because I can’t go to the market, and check every shelf and see if they have any different flavors of any cookies. What I thought was I would stay home and still be able to go to the store. I always had so many snacks but now … Read the rest “QUARANTINE by Katie”

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What I learned from quarantine is there is always a light in darkness. Feelings I never want to feel again is depression and loneliness for it really sucks for the only interaction I get is from a friend who I only play Fortnite with. Living things that I saw go is my friends and family because their days stop counting from covid. Thanks to covid 19, I cannot go out and socialize. 

Two things that I did because of this virus is how I can drive in real life. The story goes as since my mother wanted my father to … Read the rest “QUARANTINE by KAZ”

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By Nathan Demirchyan, Tribune Staff Writer

     The ozone layer is very important to the survival of the human kind. Humanity has been damaging the ozone layer via greenhouse gases, and I am here to tell you how we can heal it, and how it naturally heals itself.  Before we can find out how it is healing itself, first we need to know how humanity has damaged it.. Luckily, we have banned the chemicals that harm the ozone layer for over 30 years now. Now we can figure out how it is healing itself, but, in order to understand this information, … Read the rest “O’HOLE”

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Ghouls are Out, Ginsbergs are In!

By Layla Ruby, Tribune Staff Writer

     Even though we’re all in quarantine right now, that doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate this spooky event we call Halloween. One of the things that makes Halloween the fun holiday that it is, are the amazing costumes we dress up in. Last year, I saw a lot of really creative and artistic costumes. Whether you go as a simple witch or a character from your favorite TV show, we always have a way of finding amazing and interesting costumes.

This year, we might even have more creative costumes to dress up as. I … Read the rest “Ghouls are Out, Ginsbergs are In!”

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Does Fido Reallyyyyyyy Wanna Be A Hot Dog for Halloween?

By Tessie Georgitis, Tribune Staff Writer

We all love dressing as our heroes or characters we know and love for a holiday where we scare people with our best versions of scary monsters, and in return, we receive candy. But what about our little pets and animals? Surely they want to join in on the fun, right? Orrrrrrrr…maybe not! I interviewed several pets on how they feel about pet costumes on a comfortable and cute scale and their results were mostly negative. If you walk towards a pet with a pet costume in hand, they will most likely scurry away … Read the rest “Does Fido Reallyyyyyyy Wanna Be A Hot Dog for Halloween?”

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When We’re in Fall, Australia is in Spring! Yay Seasons!

By Eden Felde, Tribune Staff Writer

Think of winter. What months do you think of? December and November, right? Imagine thinking of winter, and snow, and sledding, and having July and August come to mind?  Half of the world has an opposite experience than we do! When we in the Northern Hemisphere have Spring in April, the Southern Hemisphere is experiencing Fall in April. Imagine thinking December and imagining the beach, bathing suits and summer vacation? Millions of kids in the southern hemisphere experience just that. But WHY? How are the seasons formed? 

The season of Fall is also known … Read the rest “When We’re in Fall, Australia is in Spring! Yay Seasons!”

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By Elizabeth Langston, Tribune staff writer

On Halloween, my friends and I were in the woods, looking to prank the one kid from our school that lived there with his parents. He was a jerk. He thought he was so cool, even though he beat up the 6th graders, just because he was in high school. Well, me and my friends were gonna give him a taste of his own medicine. 

In our masks, we trekked through the trees towards the bully’s house. It was getting darker by the minute.

 “That’s good, guys! It’ll scare him more!” My friend, Bea, … Read the rest “TEETH”

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From Dancing Around Bonfires to Strangers Giving you Candy: How Halloween has Changed!

By Eden Kennedy, Tribune Staff Writer 

  Are you ready to travel back in time to the year 700 B.C., when Halloween all got started???  

There is something special about Ireland's Ancient East at Halloween

Halloween originated from the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain in Ireland, where people  would light bonfires and dress up to ward off ghosts. The Celts were thought to wear animal skins and masks, so the ghosts would think they were spirits, too. That older tradition has not died yet, it has just been “modernized.” People around the world still have Halloween bonfires, but now they are roasting marshmallows and apples. Halloween has changed over the … Read the rest “From Dancing Around Bonfires to Strangers Giving you Candy: How Halloween has Changed!”

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Mystery Noise

On a sunny afternoon my little brother, Jake, my older sister, Helena, and I were playing Sonic. Suddenly, we heard a loud bang come from our backyard. We were all scared and nervous because our parents weren’t home. We looked at each other with worried faces and Jake said fearfully, “I think we are going to die!” I laughed and reassured him by saying, “We aren’t going to die! I hear loud bangs outside all the time. Let’s go see what it is.”

    We put our sandals on and carefully walked outside. As we opened the door the banging got … Read the rest “Mystery Noise”

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In Prison With My Parents

     On March 13, 2020, Thomas Starr King Middle School got the news that school would be out for two weeks. I didn’t think it would be that bad, but little did we know that two weeks would turn into the whole rest of the school year! 

     Now it is April 8 and I have been stuck here for almost four weeks which seems like two months. I’ve been trying to adjust to this whole situation, which is not the easiest thing, but I’ve been trying to look at the bright side of this crisis. 

     Here are some things that I’ve … Read the rest “In Prison With My Parents”

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My experience in shelter-in-place has been outlandish and laborious. It has been outlandish because I have not been able to go to school and our community is not allowed to go outside , unless you are going to work or to buy groceries. I  think it has also been laborious because in the groceries people are going crazy for food and toilet paper. Many malls, restaurants, and schools were told to shut down for the safety of the people. We have also been informed that when we go out to work or to the groceries, we need to wear a … Read the rest “Shelter-In-Place”

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Coronavirus Catastrophe

“Yes mom,” I said twirling my homemade pizza dough above me in the air. 

“We could give some of your toys to Charlotte, though I am not sure if she would want any. If we could clear some of the bins out of your closet, I am sure that after this whole pandemic is over we could put up new shelving,” my mom said taking the tomato sauce out of the cupboard and placing it next to me along with a spoon. 

“Where would we put all of my books and toys if we install shelving in my closet?” I … Read the rest “Coronavirus Catastrophe”

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The Mysterious White Box

On March 31, 2020, a big white box with plastic wrapped around it got delivered to my house. My parents brought the big styrofoam box in and took off the plastic. They set it on the table, and my dad took the lid off. As he carefully placed it on the counter, we peered inside, and my mom’s expression changed into a big smile. 

 “Oh, it’s the meat we ordered!” She exclaimed.

It had been a few weeks since school had been canceled. A virus named COVID 19, also known as the Coronavirus, was spreading. It had started in China … Read the rest “The Mysterious White Box”