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Photo and Story by Jireh Pak

Tribune Staff Writer

There are many desserts on Thanksgiving but here are the few recommended ones by Mrs. Jones class. First, the store bought brownie mix. This is a simple but tasty treat to have. Second, is the apple crisps which is like apple pie but it has sliced apples with oats, butter, and brown sugar then the dessert is baked. This dessert is great because the apples have a tart and sour taste and the oats add a nice crunch. The third dessert is rice pudding. Rice pudding is sweet and it is made by mixing cooked rice with milk or water and other ingredients such as vanilla, raisins, and cinnamon. 

The fourth dessert is classic, creamy, and good old ice cream. There are many flavors and because of this you are certain to find something you will enjoy. The fifth dessert is peaches and cream but before you make this one get an adult and have a fire extinguisher by your side, because this recipe includes peaches, alcohol, whipped cream, and fire. You cut up the peaches and then put the peaches and alcohol into a sauce pan. When all the alcohol burns off, take the peaches out and put whipped cream on the peaches (Warning you may burn yourself so stay away from the fire). Finally the last dessert is a caramel flan. Caramel flan is a smooth tart like sweet treat. To make it you need milk, eggs, and sugar. Mix the ingredients and bake the flan in a baking tray for one hour. After one hour you need to loosely cover the tray in aluminum foil for thirty minutes. When the flan is done pour your caramel sauce on it by melting caramel candy. Try these desserts. You may like them.