Posted on: December 15, 2021 Posted by: Jesus Martinez Comments: 0

By: Jesus Martinez, 

Tribune Staff Writer

Do you eat Thanksgiving turkey turkey, or do you just go straight to the mashed potatoes? Well, this shows that neither of you are alone! According to People.Com, “65% percent of Americans prefer alternative turkey.” I  polled 14  students at King M.S.  and discovered that  41.7% don’t like to eat turkey, and 58.3% like to eat turkey.

     Because of COVID-19, most likely, 3 might decrease rapidly. And the people who do like turkey might miss out and the people who don’t like turkey, will just rapidly shop for mashed potatoes. Or for some, cranberries. As you may think, turkey is popular around the world, but some people, either allergic, or dislike turkey, it’s just an opinion. And turkey isn’t the only food people eat for thanksgiving. Recipes are unique, my parents make Mac and cheese stuffed inside mashed potatoes, whilst having chicken inside the mac and cheese, while they’re all cooked, the mash potatoes are in the oven until it’s hard. And it all stays together. So there you have it folks. More people do prefer  turkey, than dislike it.