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Story and Photo By: Rachel Ann Tabayoyong 

Tribune Staff Writer 

     Have you ever been grateful for a website?  I looked into what sixth graders are grateful for.  Anonymous from Ms. Jones’ said ¨I am grateful for my mom, dad, and my brother. They said they are grateful for that because my parents gave birth to me¨. Alex Ryu from Ms.Jones’ said that ¨I am pleased with food, water, and computers. ¨I am grateful for that because if I didn’t have food I would starve. If I didn’t have water I would ] be thirsty]. ¨ If I didn’t have a computer I would be bored because I can’t go to my friend’s house sometimes¨. Ellida Shaffer DeGovia said ¨I am happy for my friends, family, food, and her bestie Rachel. I am happy because I like food and my family and friends are nice¨. May McElwaine and she said “I am thankful for my health and all of my friends and families. I am also glad for my cat jelly bean and so many animals…¨. 

     Brooks Butler from Ms. Jones’ class  said, ¨music I am pleased with music because it helps keep life engaging¨. Jesus Martinez from Ms. Jones’ class said, “I am grateful for everyone in my family, my friends, and everything that I have. I am grateful for all these things because they make me happy. Nathaniel Lara from Ms. Jones’ said “I am thankful for my friends and family and I am for that because they help me and love me”. Delilah Membreno said “I am happy for food, water, and Bella Babich… water because if not.., and Bella because she is one of the best people I hang out with”.