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By Jireh Pak, 

Tribune Staff Writer

What makes a monster scary? A monster is a fictional character that is usually the bad guy. These creatures are sometimes described as hideous, humongous, or unintelligent. A zombie is an example of a monster and zombies are scary because zombies eat living, human brains! Vampires are blood-curdling because vampires suck your blood. These creatures will suck your body dry! Werewolves are terrifying because these wolves are human but turn into monsters when a full moon forms.Ghosts are also spooky because they are invisible and they can move objects.

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     Those were the monsters that we already know about but did you know about these creatures? The kraken is a massive octopus that lives in the deep sea. The octopus is known to take down ships killing many people. The griffin is a weird monster that has an eagle head, wings, talons, and back legs and tail of a lion. These creatures guarded treasure from robbers by scaring them off. 

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     Did you know these monsters existed or did you just figure out about them? Beware these frightening creatures might come for you.