Posted on: November 3, 2021 Posted by: Bianca Perugini Comments: 0

By Bianca Perugini

Tribune Staff Writer

Have you ever had something very  scary or embarrassing happen while on a zoom call? I, Perugini Bianca, gathered some information from our fellow students. 

Kobe Lion, told us that “someone was unmuted while their dad was watching a horror movie.” Imagine how embarrassing that would be! Brandon Espinal stated, “One time in 5th grade we had a Halloween zoom and this kid had their parent dress up as a monster and it looked so real and the kid got “abdicated.” Meanwhile, Simon Jonshon Kholer said “my scariest moment on zoom is when a house down the street was on fire. It started with my WiFi going out, and finished with me going to a friend’s house to finish the zoom, not knowing if my house was ok.” Wow, that sounds so scary. Corrine Hursh told us a very creepy story. “ Someone was looking through my teacher’s window in the background.” Corrine, that was very interesting. Jesus Martinez shared a super scary sentence. “ A bomber came into my office hours with my teacher.”May McElwaine said that the scariest moment that happened on zoom was, “ the day when I didn’t get out of bed for an entire day.” May, remember to wake up next time! On a zoom call, Juno experienced this, “There was this kid who forgot he had his mic unmuted and went to the bathroom and we heard everything.” Elida Shaffer-DeGovia said ¨When I was in 5th grade my teacher (Ms.Orozco-Smith) used to glitch out of zoom alot but it was only for 5 minutes but once she was gone for an hour when finally she returned and said “Sorry! My Macbook died!” Now this one is one we can all relate to,  Felix Pritchard.”Once my teacher brought up work, I never knew existed.¨ Nathaniel Lara had a hilarious story to share. “When I was talking, my dad sweared” Thank you for these stories that were beyond crazy.