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By: Oliver Toth, 

Tribune Staff Writer

     What is your favorite type of chocolate? Well, if you chose milk chocolate over dark or white chocolate then you are with the majority of students. 68.4% chose milk, 21.1% chose dark, and 10.5% chose white chocolate. On october 25, 2021 it was found that the majority of students like milk chocolate from a survey of two classes on the King middle school campus.

     What is the difference between them you might ask. Well, milk chocolate is the lightest brown of them all. The people that make chocolate add milk to milk chocolate, that is why it is such a light brown. Dark chocolate has little to no milk so that is why it is ¬®dark¬® chocolate. White chocolate does not actually have any cocoa in it so it is white. How is chocolate made? The seeds of the cacao tree are extremely bitter and it must be fermented (to leave outside to get the best flavor out of it) . After the seed is fermented it is dried, cleaned and roasted. Also the shell gets removed so there are cocoa nibs, which will get crushed into cocoa mass. When chocoa mass turns into liquid form by heating it is called chocolate liquor. Liquor is then cooled to two parts: cocoa solid and cocoa butter. Baking chocolate is also called bitter chocolate which has cocoa butter and cocoa solid in different parts without any added sugar. Powdered baking cocoa powder, which has more fiber than cocoa butter, can be processed with alkali (which is a chemical that is commonly found in lime or soda) used to make Duch chocolate. Most of the chocolate we eat now is a sweet chocolate which is a mixture of cocoa solid and cocoa butter.

     Chocolate is a very popular candy that people have come to rely on for its blissful taste. Clearly milk chocolate is the favorite of these two classes but they are all really good in their own way.