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By: James Cline

Tribune Staff Writer

     More sour than Toxic Waste, more sour than Warheads. Trek carefully as this candy is coming in first place for the most sour. Now you may be thinking “What could be more sour than Toxic Waste or Warheads?” and to that, I answer Barnett’s Mega Sours. Toxic waste can’t hold a candle to Barnetts. Barnett’s Mega Sours contain: sugar, glucose, citric acid, malic acid, and the bicarbonate of soda. Also known as a salt containing the anion HCO3. 

      Now, you may be wondering: “What makes something taste sour?” Well you may have seen this drawing called the “tongue map” if not, here is what it looks like:

Well, it has been debunked that the tongue map had it all wrong! It was as simple as taking different foods and setting them on different sections of the tongue to see if the tongue map was true. Turns out that you can taste all flavors anywhere on the tongue due to taste buds being all over the tongue. Your tongue is most sensitive to taste in the front due to the most taste buds residing there.

If you’re a sour foodie grab some Barnetts and take on some friends in a sour duel, pop one in each of your mouths and see who can take extreme sour the longest!