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By: Felix Pritchard

Tribune Staff Writer

     How in the world do you get the most candy on halloween? This question has plagued kids since the beginning of time but no one seems to have come up with a consistent answer. With this in mind the Tribune polled kids of King Middle School for their expert  advice. 

Here are the top suggestions: 

Map out the people with the candy you like. 

Bianca P suggests going  around to neighborhood houses and¨Asking  people what they’re buying for their candy and then on Halloween go to their house and get it.” Mapping out your neighborhood is a flavorful idea but has some flaws as people with the best candy might not be home and therefore you would miss the most tasty sweet

     If casing the neighborhood seems like too much work, several students suggested fleecing the rich, like Robin Hood except you keep the money. Here’s a list of neighborhoods in LA that have gates, hedges,fountains, and probably expensive sweet treats. 

´´Bel Air 

Pacific Palisades 

Brentwood ¨

     This is a good strategy but people who know you are more likely to give you tons of candy. Wouldn’t recommend this one.

     Another trickful idea is asking for more candy after you have been given a handful. Most reasonable adults looking into the sad eyes of starving children, will give you another handful, doubling your total candy haul! 

     All these ideas are great and you should do most of these concepts but the best idea is to have fun during your trick or treating. Also never be salty about someone getting more candy than you, it’s not a good look.