Posted on: November 3, 2021 Posted by: Alexander Ryu Comments: 0

By: Alexander Ryu

Tribune Staff Writer 

  Do you think ghosts are real? Whether you do or don’t, there is no scientific proof that ghosts exist. According to, ghost stories are told in movies, books, and by people as long as thousands of years ago. 

   If you want to hunt ghosts. Here’s a rundown on what you’ll need: Be a ghost hunter. Get night vision or thermal cameras that can “see” cold spots. Then use audio recording equipment because you can hear ghosts if there is a ghost talking. There are many ways you can sense ghosts. Ghosts may look like how the ghost looked when the ghost was alive. Sometimes there can be just a flicker of light. Or sometimes ghosts are heard but not seen! Ghosts supposably communicate differently. 

Many people think ghosts are real and many people don’t, too. Are ghosts real or fake if ghosts are not scientifically proven that ghosts are real? We might never know.  BOOOOO!