Posted on: March 24, 2021 Posted by: Sonja Williams Comments: 0

Ever run into someone at a party or in school who doesn’t seem to talk with people and keep to themselves. Well that’s an introvert! Most of them have some kind of social anxiety which makes them not comfortable in new situations such as parties or events with random people. Usually they tag along with someone so they don’t have to talk to anyone, if they even have friends.Introverts are a very interesting type of person because they seem to only make friends with the person who is an extrovert which is someone who is the opposite of an introvert. It’s easier to see it as person A and person B, Person A is someone everyone wants to be around but is the only one who notices person B. And person B doesn’t like person A at first but starts to warm up to them. 

In order to find out how an extrovert thinks I put up a form to see how they are doing during quarantine. The questions I put were made to show the feelings so I could see what they think about. From my studies I can say that quarantine is even taking a toll on some introverts! 53.3% said they missed people while the other 46.7% were fine being alone. 53.3% said they wanted to go back to school while 46.7% wanted to stay online. I find it amazing that both of the questions got the exact same answers! They also have the same answers for the last question too. Most people stick to 1 single answer, They either want to go to school and talk to people or stay alone and not have to worry about social interaction. Most people are starting to feel tired of just sitting around. They want to have adventure and fun! So next time you see someone who is not talking to anyone and looks uncomfortable, Talk to them and you could be there person A!