Posted on: March 24, 2021 Posted by: Sonja Williams Comments: 0

I suppose something I am glad to see go, but am also glad to have experienced is quarantine itself. One reason I am pretty glad to have experienced quarantine is that I am finally able to be closer to my bathroom for once, I won’t have to raise my hand and beg my teacher to call on me so then I can sprint to the bathroom as I pray for me to not be too late. I was glad to experience it because it is actually quite interesting to be part of the only kids who have had to do online learning and having to stay at home while school is occurring. As a grandma, I bet I could tell my grandchildren about the disaster I survived through called…2020! But even though it sounds interesting and may be a cool story to tell and all, I am still going to be SUPER glad when it is over, infact, I would be perfectly fine without it happening at all. 

I guess quarantine wasn’t that bad for it gave me time to actually relax and interact with my dogs for a full day instead of having to go to school, and not see them until the end of the day. Also, I was able to do my favorite activity during quarantine. My favorite activity was playing with my dogs in our backyard. Since we weren’t allowed to go outside without masks and we weren’t allowed to travel, my mom decided to for me to receive most of my vitamin D by staying outside, but as soon as I brought my dogs into the equation, it seemed that I wouldn’t need my mom to make me go outside anymore! I would grab a hold of one of their favorite toys, or any of the toys they currently had in their possession, and start sprinting around the yard in hopes of finding them chasing after me as well! Though this may sound like a basic activity to do with your new puppies, I think that it really improved our relationship because of them being able to know that not only am I their owner, but I can also be fun.

I know I have basically been saying that quarantine has been great and all, but I don’t really mean that at all. When I think about what life may have been like if we weren’t in quarantine, I would think about being able to hug my friends when we see each other in our classes for the first time. I would sometimes even daydream about having my birthday party, which has been delayed because of Covid 19 and quarantine, sadly. I sometimes rejoice in the thought of going to Disneyland in an attempt to not only get the birthday pin which you receive when you go to DisneyLand when you come on your birthday, but also to release my inner 5 year oldas the cast members sing Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you! But, sadly due to the circumstances of 2020, my fun has been ruined and so has all the other kids who have had to cancel their plans and trips, but in the end it will be worth it once we overcome this stupid (but scary) virus.