Posted on: March 24, 2021 Posted by: Sonja Williams Comments: 0

Did you know that quarantine in Japan is really different from America? 

First, the difference between the Japanese School and the American School under quarantine is that the school in Japan was great and Online School in America is tough. In Japan, we have to go to school on Monday-Friday, 7:30-2:15, 3:45, and 2:45. My first day of school in Japan was great. First, we have to wear Masks due to COVID-19 but Japan is not in the tough quarantine like America yet so we can still go to school and learn. Second, as always, we do some learning, on Monday, it’s a short day so we can leave at 2:15 pm, we eat school lunch, and then break time, it’s mostly the same as America’s School. In Japan’s schools, there are a lot of events and fun field trips, and camps. At the end, we clean up the classroom everyday except for Wednesday. Japanese School compared to America’s School right now, the only difference is that America is an Online School, but Japan does not have an Online School. There are a lot more differences between Japanese School and American School if it was not UNDER quarantine, but with under quarantine, this is the one difference between Japanese School and American School is Japan doesn’t have Online Learning, America has Online Learning.

Second, the restaurant rules in Japan are really different from American restaurant rules, because in Japan, you can go to all restaurants. Another rule is you can’t speak loud voices or chat too much, or else there might be chances of COVID-19 spreading. The third rule is don’t touch stuff while eating, you may touch your fork, spoons, knives, and cups but you can’t touch the table too much, or the table counter. The last rule is the same as America, when COVID-19 is found in the restaurant, the restaurant has to close. But the difference is America’s restaurants mostly are not open, but Japan’s all restaurants are open, unless COVID-19 is found in the restaurant.

Lastly, shopping rules are different between America and Japan. In Japan, shopping is allowed, and in America, most of the shoppings is open, but in Japan, all shopping places are open, unless COVID-19 is found in the shop. In Japanese shops, there are markets that are not popular, so the markets that are not popular can be crushed easily in Japan. Another difference is that there were some places where you CAN’T go in the shopping market, for example, a lot of register lines were closed, so the line was crowded. Last difference is mini restaurants in big markets were closed completely. 

In conclusion, there are a lot of differences between Japan and America under quarantine of what you can do and what you can’t do under quarantine.