Posted on: March 24, 2021 Posted by: Sonja Williams Comments: 0

What I learned from quarantine is there is always a light in darkness. Feelings I never want to feel again is depression and loneliness for it really sucks for the only interaction I get is from a friend who I only play Fortnite with. Living things that I saw go is my friends and family because their days stop counting from covid. Thanks to covid 19, I cannot go out and socialize. 

Two things that I did because of this virus is how I can drive in real life. The story goes as since my mother wanted my father to teach me something during the pandemic, he decided to teach me how to drive with a gearbox! Today, I am just learning the go and stop. Also, I finally cleaned my room in 1 day! Before, it would take me forever to clean my room and I can mess it up in an hour’s worth. Soothing music that I suggest everybody should listen to is by Rick Astley “Never Gonna Give You up” and doodling is a great stress reliever for if I have stress from class.

Covid has given us 6th graders the ability to never show our beautiful faces and use filters that make us funnier than ever. The Number uno thing that is great about all of this poop is the FILTERS!! (Can I say shit please? thanks) I’m the kind of person where I love socializing with kids like my age at FACE-TO-FACE. But oh Boy that didn’t go as planned! All of a sudden, poop from China, Wuhan came and took over the whole dang fricking world. (Can I also say Fuck?)

I still remember the days in Elementary School where the big conversation was girlfriends, boyfriends, and break-ups. I really looked forward to going to King because I took the tour around the place and it was BIG.