Posted on: March 24, 2021 Posted by: Sonja Williams Comments: 0

I will talk about why quarantine has been hard because I haven’t been able to go to the shops.It sucks for me because I love to shop, mostly at the market. When I first knew we were going to be in quarantine I thought it would be fun but, no. I am miserable because I can’t go to the market, and check every shelf and see if they have any different flavors of any cookies. What I thought was I would stay home and still be able to go to the store. I always had so many snacks but now I have a little and I run out of them so fast. My friends used to call me the “snack girl” or “Pantry Girl.” I always got a big lunch box for my peeps and spicy funyuns. When my friends came over to my house they looked in my pantry. I knew they would say, “this is where you get all your snacks from.” I always make sure when my dad goes to the market to get my favorite spicy funyuns. I lay in my bed thinking about what I would do when I can go to a store, preferably the market. If anyone brags their food in front of my face I will lose it. I would go bonkers. I love my snacks and always will. 

Not being able to shop is hard. One, online shopping is so technical because on second they say your order will come in a week, then they say two weeks and it goes on and on till they say “,Your package got lost.” When you hear that it’s so devastating. Also if you order clothes online you don’t know if it will fit you, unlike stores you can try the clothes on. I forgot to say that they can also scam you. They can say      “This is a one of a kind mask,” and over all you would want to buy it. When you get the package you could be so disappointed because you fell for a scam. At stores you could see what it would look like. That’s the end of the story of me not being able to go to stores.