Posted on: March 24, 2021 Posted by: Sonja Williams Comments: 0

I never ever ever wanna do online school again! Online school was a pain in the butt if you haven’t experienced it you should be grateful. Online school was more boring than regular school. Now that’s a statement but i am happy  I went through it. The online school taught me more about technology that I used to know, and my attention span was increased. Everything else about it though is bad…..really bad.

       My attention span increased by

Sitting in front of an ipad all day, and doing very boring stuff, but that increased my attention span. I used to only be able to look at a screen for like 2 hours or sit still for 2 hours, but now i can for about 5. 

         During quarantine i was able to go to the beach a lot more, because there was less traffic on the highway and less people actually went to the beach. Another thing that was cool about quarantine is that I got to play more video games and talk a lot to my friends online. I wish I could go to school but it is what it is. Quarantine has its pros and its cons. The cons are that nobody could go outside, you can’t see people, school was online, and there was a deadly virus infecting and killing people. 

       Quarantine might have sucked but it had its cool things, but personally I would never want to do that again.