Posted on: March 24, 2021 Posted by: Sonja Williams Comments: 0

I was at school one day when we received sad news about how we couldn’t go on our last field trip because of a new virus that was spreading. Lots of my classmates including me were sad because we were promised the trip ever since the start of the year and we had paid for it. Disappointed, I called my mom and told her the news. She heard my crying and said it would be alright. At the end of the school day I went home. Little did I know that was going to be the last day I was on campus for a good while. When we got home I turned on the t v to see the news. And there it was the news reporter with his microphone saying to the camera about this new covid – 19 virus. The next day I woke up. It was the start of Summer break but we turned on the news it was the start of Quarantine. We couldn’t go anywhere, only take out from restaurants our favorite places closed. We had to stay home. Weeks past doing nothing at home taking online classes. When they were done I was bored all I could do was play video games or go to the parking lot to play with a ball. To make the situation worse I didn’t have any friends in my apartment. Lately I’ve been making myself busy by just studying, watching tv, playing video games, playing with my toys, and just going out to my parking lot to think about things. Something I hated about quarantine is that everyday I have a nightmare. I hate it. And I really hope that after quarantine I won’t have to experience that again I simply don’t want to. To be honest the only thing I liked about quarantine was how I could spend way more time with my mom. I can wake up in the morning and we go for a quick 30 minute walk and talk. During weekends it’s even better we spend even more time just walking and talking and it’s fun. Quarantine really did give me more time to spend with my mom and family.