Posted on: March 24, 2021 Posted by: Sonja Williams Comments: 0

This entire pandemic has certainly been an.. experience. Of course it’s mostly bad because people are dying and our entire lives have been uprooted but there have been some good things! 

            Online learning. I don’t know if I would count this as a good or bad experience because there have been some good things but I still mostly hate it. I feel I don’t learn as well with online learning and find myself confused in some subjects I used to be pretty good in. This entire year has basically been review for me since I already  knew most of everything from elementary so I’m grateful for that but I think I would have really been struggling if we had been learning completely new concepts. I like basically everyone in my classes, they’re all pretty cool and nice so I’m kind of glad we have online school because I don’t think I would have been friends with any of these people otherwise so that’s another good thing about online learning. Bad side to that is that we’ve never seen each other in person so I’m 100% sure it is going to be pretty awkward when we first meet. 

6th grade this year is really different then what I imagined in 

elementary. I remember walking through the courtyard with my friends when I was like in 1st grade and seeing 6th graders walk by. We used to always think they were so big and cool but now that I’m actually in 6th grade I pretty much feel the same as last year. One thing I remember thinking is that 6th graders are really tall, but I think that was just because I was little because I’m not that tall, some of my friends are though. Speaking of friends, before school started I was completely prepared to be alone since it was a new school. I didn’t know anyone, not even from elementary because everyone went to a different middle school. I don’t really like talking to people because I just think it’s awkward and weird so I didn’t really plan on trying to make friends but I ended up meeting pretty great people.

             I’ve lost a lot friends that I used to be pretty close with because we don’t go to the same school anymore. I chose not to go to the same school as them so I was kind of expecting this but not quite at this extent. (I planned to get the socials of some people after the “two week break” but then… y’know.) This might sound weird but I guess I’m kind of glad that I don’t see/talk to them anymore. In elementary school I always sort of put myself in a box sort of and never let myself be myself because I was afraid of the critiques I knew would come and also I thought it’d just be embarrassing. For example, I cut my hair which I didn’t do before because I knew my “friend” would probably say I was copying her, I also bleached it and eventually dyed it colorful (what I have right now) which I also didn’t want to do before because I knew that same “friend” would say it looked weird. I cringe at old photos and memories now because I just think it’s all so weird. Anyways, I’m a lot happier with myself now and I think part of that is because of quarantine.