Posted on: March 24, 2021 Posted by: Sonja Williams Comments: 0

Quarantine sucks. We all know that. When I first started quarantine everyone said that we would be staying at home for a few weeks but it’s been a year now. It was exciting at first because we didn’t really go to school but then LAUSD got the idea to do online learning. For some reason quarantine went faster than being at actual school. I liked it at first; being able to wake up later than normal, being able to be with my family, and being able to work with friends anywhere. It was nice. But it got annoying after a while. Staying in the same place everyday is hard. I think that it’s going to be weird going back to school because all of us haven’t been to school for a year. Especially because it’s a new school and we will have to get used to the campus whilst social distancing. 

Quarantine has been sad. I haven’t been with my friends for over a year. But to be honest, that isn’t even close to bad compared to all of the people that have lost their families, lost their friends, lost their co-workers. It’s been hard to think that all my problems are so insignificant compared to others’. Sometimes I feel sad that I haven’t been able to see people but then that little voice in my head says to stop. “Stop it! You don’t deserve to feel sad. You don’t have real problems.” I feel like I do. I feel like everyone deserves to feel sad. But then again, my problems aren’t as bad as other peoples’ problems.

Well, I hope quarantine will end eventually. I hope that whoever’s in charge doesn’t throw us outdoors too early. I hope that people realize that everyone is significant in this world. If everyone was just nice to each other, going back to school or getting out of quarantine would be way easier. I like the idea of going back to school but not if it isn’t safe. If people are too close to each other or take off their masks at the wrong time, people could get sick. In the end, I hope everyone is considerate to each other because everyone has had a hard time. If even one person is nice to another person, the world would be a better place.