Posted on: March 24, 2021 Posted by: Sonja Williams Comments: 0

In the zoom meetings is what I experienced for the whole quarantine, I learned that I can do so much in all of the meetings. I can have a virtual background so that means I can have a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge in the back. I can go to breakout rooms with my friends and go out then, there will be a join button for the breakout rooms so I can join again if I want to. Once I was the host and I could control the meeting so I can end the meeting, mute others, put people in the waiting room, kick them out, or make other people the host. At the end I ended the zoom meeting, but before I did that some people were randomly kicked out of the zoom meeting and I did not kick them out they were automatically out. What I liked about quarantine is I won’t have to wake up so early and get ready.

           I would keep getting out of the zooming meetings because of my internet connection. Even if I am in break out rooms I would get kicked out sometimes. Also something difficult for me is remembering the codes and pass numbers for the meetings. I would forget them and have to go to Schoology and memorize them again. I finally memorized them so I would not forget what the zoom codes were for each class.

          If we haven’t been in quarantine and been in school it would be fun because we would be in class doing classwork. Also we would be outside doing science experiments, and P.E. We would be having lunch in the cafeteria and talking with people in person. We would meet the teachers and people in the different grades in school or out of school. If we were at school then we would have done all of things and more.