Posted on: March 24, 2021 Posted by: Sonja Williams Comments: 0

Studies show that the activity people do is to play video games or walking. My favorite was to cook with my mom. I realised playing video games is fun but it’s not everything. You have to spend time with your family. My family and I would cook lots of food and eat them while watching a movie. We mostly made pastries like cake and cupcakes. Sometimes if there was something I needed to learn about cooking and baking my mom would show me and I would learn from that. After cooking me and my mom would sit and enjoy our food while watching tv. That is not the only thing I do, my mom now does work online so I wanted to help so I learned how to make coffee and I brought my mom a cup of coffee. I am also learning how to make scrambled eggs. Also I cook with my grandma. I have learned to also make homemade pizza.