Posted on: March 24, 2021 Posted by: Sonja Williams Comments: 0

What I did for quarantine at first was play video games and bring my school  iPads home, it was confusing because I don’t even know what the school looks like in the inside because we weren’t even there for long, our iPads on the first day was very glitchy and it was already hard to connect to out internet which I didn’t like because we had to go back and forth to our old school and our current school twice to connect to the internet and VPN. Though I liked that our school dismissed earlier than usual if we weren’t in the actual school.

   I didn’t go anywhere except to our cousin’s house because we couldn’t even go outside, even before quarantine we weren’t allowed to go outside without any people watching over us. Back in the Philippines we could just go outside and play without any people watching us. I wanted to visit places but because of the pandemic we couldn’t go anywhere.

   We didn’t make it to the first day of zoom class because the iPad keeps glitching and hasn’t connected to the internet though the next day we did make it. I didn’t talk to anyone in my class unless we had to so I didn’t make any friend for the entire school year. I only made friends in my games.

   I learned how to use devices better. No unique experience has happened to me. I almost don’t talk to anyone unless they start talking to me.