Posted on: October 31, 2020 Posted by: Sonja Williams Comments: 0

By Nathan Demirchyan, Tribune Staff Writer

     The ozone layer is very important to the survival of the human kind. Humanity has been damaging the ozone layer via greenhouse gases, and I am here to tell you how we can heal it, and how it naturally heals itself.  Before we can find out how it is healing itself, first we need to know how humanity has damaged it.. Luckily, we have banned the chemicals that harm the ozone layer for over 30 years now. Now we can figure out how it is healing itself, but, in order to understand this information, we first need to know what IS the ozone layer in the first place? The ozone layer is in the Earth’s stratosphere contains a high amount of ozone, which absorbs ultraviolet radiation emitted by the Sun. This means that without the ozone layer, we would be soaking up harmful UV rays, (see image,) and the chance of life would be very low, possibly none.

     Now that we know this, we can answer the big question;  How is the ozone layer repairing itself? Well, it’s not simple. When we first found the damage to the ozone layer, (1985), We examined it further, only to find out that the size of this hole is 5,370,599.35 square kilometers. The location of this hole is in the atmosphere, high above Antarctica. By stopping the greenhouse gases chemical production, We stopped depleting the ozone in this part of the ozone layer or ozone in general,and the ozone layer started healing itself by producing more ozone, and gathering more ozone to patch the hole. Scientists say the hole will be fully repaired in our lifetimes, but an accurate estimate is 2040-2050.