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By Tessie Georgitis, Tribune Staff Writer

We all love dressing as our heroes or characters we know and love for a holiday where we scare people with our best versions of scary monsters, and in return, we receive candy. But what about our little pets and animals? Surely they want to join in on the fun, right? Orrrrrrrr…maybe not! I interviewed several pets on how they feel about pet costumes on a comfortable and cute scale and their results were mostly negative. If you walk towards a pet with a pet costume in hand, they will most likely scurry away as if there was a loud noise that frightened them like fireworks. I know it is cute for us and it would go great with your Mystery Inc. group outfit but maybe your little dog Coco doesn’t like the idea of you dressing her up as Scooby. Always check their reactions to being put in a costume:if they cringe or try to bite it off, you should immediately take it off them so they don’t suffer any longer. “The most important thing is to be aware of the dog’s response,” states Paul Calhoun who works at the Animal Medical Center in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. But the good news for you people who love dressing up with your pets is that it isn’t always bad, sometimes, like how the article “Don’t Dress Up Your Dog for Halloween Before Reading This” by Lisa Marie Conklin, it states that if you raise you pet to love dressing up and be comfortable, then you can dress them up. Though, the article also says that most dogs aren’t comfortable with a costume covering their natural coat. So think TWICE before getting near your dog with a costume!

Now here are several responses from pets big and small and our first answer is from a wiener dog in Boston, Maine named Pretzel.

“I SWEAR TO ALL THAT IS DOG RELATED if I am a Hot Dog one more time I WILL LOSE MY MIND! It is uncomfortable and unoriginal, I give it a 2 out of 10…plus my name is Pretzel for a reason, I am destined for the role of a pretzel!” Pretzel of Boston, Maine replied. 

     I also interviewed a ginger cat named Ginny,  

     “Hello, if I had to pick a costume that would be comfortable I would pick a lion mane, so I can look as fierce as I would like in front of my owner’s dog. Yes…the dog will never mess with me again! NEVER! So, I’d give it a 9 out of 10.  MUHAHAHAHA!” Ginny answered, and yes, she did an evil cackle. I didn’t make that up. I also interviewed a very kind, sincere pug named Pepper who lives in New York City. 

     “My favorite costume to dress up as for my family is most likely something that is humorous, like a rapper pug with fake gold chains and a baseball cap that fits my tiny head. I rate this a 8 out of 10 only because it is cute and it doesn’t make me uncomfortable as much. Something that I think all us pets can agree on is that putting a simple keychain on our collar or giving us a bow tie is preferable, it is cute and comfortable. We love making you proud of owning us, but do your part to let us be satisfied with our outfit too!”