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On a sunny afternoon my little brother, Jake, my older sister, Helena, and I were playing Sonic. Suddenly, we heard a loud bang come from our backyard. We were all scared and nervous because our parents weren’t home. We looked at each other with worried faces and Jake said fearfully, “I think we are going to die!” I laughed and reassured him by saying, “We aren’t going to die! I hear loud bangs outside all the time. Let’s go see what it is.”

    We put our sandals on and carefully walked outside. As we opened the door the banging got louder and it sounded like we were at a construction site. I started feeling scared because it was not like the usual banging I would hear. We each picked up a water gun to protect ourselves from what was around the corner. As we turned the corner, we saw our trash can moving a lot. We did not know what was inside, Jake yelled, “I’m not looking at what’s inside! You check!” Helena immediately yelled, “I’m not either! You open it Kobe!” I responded, “Okay, I’ll open it but be prepared to shoot it with your water guns! I don’t want to die!” 

     When I opened it a big raccoon popped it’s head out! Jake started yelling at the top of his lungs because he was scared of the raccoon. Jake’s scream startled the raccoon so he knocked over the trash and tried to attack us. It smelled like rotten milk and eggs so we covered our noses while trying to wet the raccoon to scare it away. We couldn’t see what we were shooting so we started wetting each other. I yelled, “Stop! Where is the raccoon? Did we get him?” We looked around but we couldn’t find it. It had already gone away. My sister angrily said, “You got me soaked for anything?!”So she started wetting me and Jake. 

    We spent the rest of the afternoon having a water gun fight. It was a lot of fun after the fright of possibly dying but the water was really cold. We played water tag by shooting each other. I was glad that we were not hurt and I got to play with my siblings. It was a lot more fun than just sitting down and playing Sonic indoors.