Posted on: April 21, 2020 Posted by: Dana Comments: 0

My experience in shelter-in-place has been outlandish and laborious. It has been outlandish because I have not been able to go to school and our community is not allowed to go outside , unless you are going to work or to buy groceries. I  think it has also been laborious because in the groceries people are going crazy for food and toilet paper. Many malls, restaurants, and schools were told to shut down for the safety of the people. We have also been informed that when we go out to work or to the groceries, we need to wear a mask to avoid the virus. 

Me and my family decided to make a schedule for what we are going to do for the whole week at home. We don’t really feel that change of not being able to go outside because My family is not used to going around to different places, but we do go out sometimes. Something that is a big change for me is not being able to go to school. It’s a big change for me because tests were canceled, field trips were revoked, and we are not allowed to see each other. There was something that was really new which was studying online. It is kind of hard because many kids around the world use online to study and the connection sometimes goes off.

For me staying at home is a new experience because I have not been able to go outside for almost a month. I really get very bored and frustrated because I really want to go out to play, visit family, and go to school. At the same time I think it is a well put order for people to stay at home because they are protecting the human health and safety of others. Staying at home has helped the Earth’s air a lot, in the news it said “it seems that earth’s air is cleaner than ever.”

In my opinion, staying at home has been a very good experience for my family and me in a great way.  I am really having a blast at home with my family and I am really happy that my family in other places are safe and healthy. I wish that one day we will all be able to go outside and see each other once again and forget this cruel virus that is killing many people. God bless all the nurses and doctors who are risking their lives. Amen 🙏.