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I propose that we should enhance the Silverlake Reservoir’s environment, and help the wildlife by removing harmful structures and adding helpful and eco friendly structures. My ideas will help the lake, and meadow because of all the harmful things that can hurt wildlife and the environment. For example, we can help the meadow by removing graffiti off of benches and adding more water fountains so people can drink water without walking a far distance. Also removing the gates and adding closer bathrooms to help people. We can also help the lake by removing the concrete and adding a cheap, strong, sustainable, and recyclable materials.

Some of my ideas of enhancing the Silverlake Reservoir are removing the harmful gates, and adding closer bathrooms, and we could put the bathrooms in the non grassy area at the meadow. First I want to focus on the barb wire gates.The gates can hurt wildlife such as birds, reptiles, and rodents, these creatures can get stuck in the holes of the fences or even get hurt from the barb wire. Removing the gates can move to littering in the lake, so that is why we should add no littering signs with a $500 fine.

Two more of my ideas are adding more water fountains, and removing the graffiti of the benches, and I will explain why we should. First adding more water fountains can help people get water without having to walk a far distance, it could even be life saving if someone is dehydrated or doesn’t have water. Second we should remove the graffiti off the benches because, “Spray paint weakens the structure layer of the bench.” says The Power Washers of North America. Graffiti also sinks into the structure breaking it and making it yucky.

My last and final idea is to remove concrete and replace it with a cheap, recyclable, sustainable, and eco friendly material. This idea can help the Silverlake Reservoir look better and stop polluting the water with the gross and dirty concrete. Even though it looks like there is no life in the Lake of the Silverlake Reservoir, there are still ducks and geese that visit very often. This concrete can be removed for an estimated amount of $20,000. (If the concrete is reinforced) Or about $4,800. (If it’s not reinforced) A few of my ideas for strong, sustainable, cheap, recyclable, and eco friendly material, cork, bamboo, and straw.

Therefore, my ideas can help the environment of the Silver lake Reservoir, from my idea of removing the concrete around the Silver Lake Reservoir, and also my idea of removing the graffiti off of the bench. My ideas can also help the wildlife in the Silver Lake Reservoir, by removing the gates, because birds and small animals can get stuck or get hurt in the barbwire, and that is the end for my proposal.