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Marie Curie was born in Poland. The whole family had 5 children and their parents would teach in schools.They really liked poetry, books and also liked to learn a lot. Marie’s parents would tell them to study very well to receive good grades to go to College. Marie’s family was lovely but sometimes were not happy. Anyways Marie was ready to be the best scientist in the world.

Marie Curie is one the most important female scientist in the world. For example she added two new elements to the periodic table. The two elements are polonium and radium. She was really into have a high education after her parents saying that they should have good grades in school to go to college. She also was seeking for women to have higher education. After females were able to go to College they were welcomed by the Polish College. Even tho they went to college, it was still illegal for women to have a higher education.

Marie Curie made lots of history with her husband Pierre. She won Nobel prizes because of her awesome chemistry skills. Her second Nobel Prize was because she added two new elements to the Periodic Table. The Element was named for a Latin name “ray”. When Marie Curie won the Nobel prize in 1903 her daughter was 6 years old. Marie did her chemistry mostly in a shed. The shed was behind the school the Pierre’s old school.

Before Marie Curie died she the development of x-rays after her husband’s death. Since 1920 she was already having health problems. After all her effort she put in her work she died. Her death was in July 4th 1934 at Savoy, France. She died because of A plastic anemia. She is still remembered for a lot of things. Today people write notes about the important stuff. This is why I picked Marie Curie.


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