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Amalie Emmy Noether was born on March 23 1882 in Erlangen, Bavaria, which was part of the German Empire. Emmy Noether probably is the best female mathematician of all time. Her dad Max Noether was a math teacher. Emmy Noether’s mom Ida Amalia Kaufmann came from a family of wealthy wholesalers. Young Emmy helped with cooking and running the house. Her mom was a really good pianist, but Emmy didn’t like like piano lessons. Emmy had a passion for dancing. Emmy also liked mathematics, but the rules of German society wouldn’t let her follow her dad’s footsteps.

When Emmy finished high school she attended the Municipal School for bigger education for girls in Erlangen. Emmy trained to become a teacher. She graduated in 1900, when she was 18. Emmy was going to teach English and French at girls schools. Emmy’s love for mathematics was proved to be strong. Emmy abandoned teaching and aplied to the University of Erlangen. Emmy left to observe mathematics lectures there. Emmy could only observe lectures because women couldn’t enroll officially at the university.

Emmy spent the winter of 1903-4 watching and hearing classes in the Universty of Gottingen. Emmy returned to Erlangen in 1904 when girls were allowed to be oficially students. Emmy received a PH.d. degree from Erlangen in 1907. Emmy stayed at Erlangen where she worked without pay on her own. Emmy got invited to Gottingen in 1915 by Hilber and Klien. They used Emmy’s knowledge to help them explore the mathematics of Albert Einstein’s recent theory of general relativity. Hilbert and Klien persuaded Emmy to remain there.

In 1927 Emmy concentrated on noncommutative algebras. Emmy built up the theory of noncommutative algebras a newly unified way. Emmy investigated the structure of  noncommutative algebras. Emmy Noether  helped edit the Mathematische Annalen. Emmy did it from 1930-1933 Emmy was the centre of the strongest mathematical activity at Gottingen. Emmy and other Jewish teachers were dissmised because of the Nazis. Emmy died on April 14 1935 at age of 53 in Pennsylvania, she was getting operated to take out a tumor out her pelvis and died of a infection.


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