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Jane Goodall is an incredible scientist. Her work has saved the lives of many chimpanzees and inspired youth all around the world. Her memory will live forever in the minds of many people. Jane Goodall is a savior to the Earth. I hope she lives for much longer because the longer she lives the better the planet will be. In this essay you will learn about her childhood, her research, and what she’s doing right now.

Born on April 3, 1934, a child named Jane was born to Mortimer and Vanna Morris-Goodall. Little did they know that in 26 years little Jane would become an Environmental scientist with a passion for chimpanzees. When Jane was a one year old her father gave her a chimpanzee doll named Jubilee. She loved the adorable doll with all her heart. We don’t know for sure but I think this could have been the doll that started it all. She carried the doll around wherever she went. When she was 1 and a half she took earthworms into her bedroom and put them under her pillow. Her mom came in and noticed there was dirt on the bed. She asked what happened and Jane told her that she got earthworms from the garden and put them under her pillow. Her mom told her that they would be safer in the garden so they went outside and put them back. When she was 12 she had her own nature club, the Alligator Club. This club raised money to help horses. They also hiked and named what they saw. Jane Goodall’s journey to being a world renowned scientist did not end here, this was only the beginning of Jane Goodall’s journey to becoming an environmentalist.

Jane Goodall studies chimpanzees and is a conservationist. She started her research at 26 years old in Tanzania. Louis Leakey, a paleoanthropologist and archaeologist who studied how early people evolved in Africa asked Jane to research chimpanzees. He thought noting the behavior of chimps could help understand how hominids acted. After studying chimps she learned many new facts. One of the things that she found, but more importantly filmed, is chimpanzees eating meat. It was widely said that chimpanzees were vegetarian. She also found that chimpanzees made tools like humans. She also learned that chimpanzees have empathy and have wars like us. In time she realized that the best way to protect the chimpanzees would be to leave Tanzania and spread awareness to the public.

Right now Jane Goodall is spreading awareness about chimpanzees going extinct. She is making speeches and helping inspire youth to try to make a difference. One of the things she is doing to help youth make a difference is her program called Roots and Shoots. Roots and Shoots is a program devoted to inspiring young people to help the planet. ESM is part of the Roots and Shoots project. Right now Roots and Shoots is in 97 countries and is still growing. At 85 Jane is still traveling 300 days a year on a mission to help save chimpanzees.

Jane Goodall has changed the earth as we know it. She has inspired me and many others, she has educated and taught millions of people about the extinction of chimpanzees, She has researched and worked hard to achieve her goal. In her research she discovered incredible facts about chimpanzees. She has also  taught us more about ourselves as humans. I have been inspired by Jane Goodall and I hope you where to. (2019). Jane Goodall. [online] Available at: [Accessed 12 Sep. 2019]. (2019). Biography – Jane Goodall Institute UK. [online] Available at: [Accessed 12 Sep. 2019].